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MyProfiles+ (Profile Manager)

1.8 usd

** PRO version, no Ads, and no limitations, time limited sale **《Location and rule based profile manager. Very easy to use.》
《5 stars rating encourage us to keep improving it, thanks :)》
《Characteristics》- Switch profile automatically by rules (Timer, Location, Calendar, WiFi, BT and more)- Apply various settings by one click- Detect location by nearby cells or map position- Support 30+ settings and 12+ rule types- Priority mode for rules- Desktop widget- Themes- Auto-answer- White list / Black list- Support exclusive ROOT features
《Profile settings》- Audio volumes, Ringtone- Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Hotspot- Mobile network, APN- WiMAX(4G)- Bluetooth- Airplane mode- Airplane mode for JellyBean 4.2+ (ROOT)- GPS - GPS for Android 2.3+ (ROOT)- Brightness- Screen Timeout- Auto-rotate- Disable screen lock- Wallpaper- Auto-answering- Auto-speaker-on- Driving mode (Car mode)- Launch application- Close application- Exception contact group(White list, Black list)
《Rule types》- Time period- Location- Wi-Fi hotspot- Bluetooth device- NFC tags- Calendar events- Foreground App- Display- Power- Battery- Headset- Car dock- Desk dock
《History》3.3.1- Fix 'Exceptional contact group' issues.- Fix 'Calendar rule' for some condition judgement.3.3.0- Add 'Map' type of location, positioning by network or GPS.- Improve 'ROOT mode' compatibility.- Improve compatibility for JellyBean devices.- Fix 'Vibration' and 'Volume' issues on some devices.- Fix 'Screen on randomly' issue on some JellyBean devices.3.2.1- Add 'Airplane mode (Root)' profile setting, new method for Android 4.2+.- Add 'Driving mode' profile setting, it will also trigger the 'TTS' setting on some Samsung devices.3.2.0- Add 'NFC rule', you can now activate profile by NFC tags.- Add 'Stop application' setting for profiles- Add 'Wallpaper' setting for profiles- Add 'Profile change history' in preference.- Add 'Shortly sreen on' option for 'Detect location in sleep mode' in preference.- Improve the compatibility of 'ROOT mode' for GPS toggle3.1.2- Fix FC issue while receiving SMS.3.1.1- Fix the issue that the location detection may malfunction.- Allow rules to set 'No change' for the 'When conditions are met' action.- Allow the location rule to select 'Unknon location'.- Increase the stability, fix some FC issues.3.1.0- Add independent options for media and alarm volumes.- Add a new blue theme.3.2.2- Fix 'Airplane mode' issue on some devices. (Can't disable it)- Fix 'Ringone volume' issue on some devices. (only 50% of volume)- Improve the compatibility and stability of 'Exception contact group'
《Credits》- Gunter Schmidt (German)- Ozturk (Icons)
If there're any rights violation, please email us, thanks."